Potty Training Tips and Tools

Today I’m sharing some of my Potty Training Tips and Tools.
I used to own a licensed daycare that I ran out of my home when Middle Sis was 18 months old so not only have I potty trained my girls but I also helped the daycare kiddos too.
My number one tip is to wait for signs that your child is ready to train.  If you do it on your own schedule it can turn into a stressful experience for your child.  You want to keep the training a positive and fun learning time.
What are signs of readiness?
  • Your child shows interest in the potty, wants to sit on the potty and practice wiping.
  • Your child is able to pull their own clothing up and down.(Avoid one piece outfits)
  • They acknowledge verbally when they are wetting themselves, not wanting their diapers to be wet or dirty.
  • They are starting to keep the diapers dry for longer periods of time.
What will I need to train?
I use potty seats like this because I don’t want to have to clean out a potty chair and I want them to be comfortable using big potties when we aren’t at home.
A stool, books and wipes are useful too.
I really like the “Once Upon a Potty” book because it explains the body parts using kid friendly words and shows a little girl trying to use the potty.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve read this book, I can practically read it from memory!
There are some really cute potty chart printables all over pinterest
I like to use the old fashion Gerber training underwear, they have a thicker center that helps the child to feel wet and absorbs more so you don’t have such a big puddle to clean up.
I use M&M’s as a reward plus small stickers.
In the beginning I give her a sticker on her chart and an M&M every time she sits on the potty and tries to go.
(After a few days I only give M&M’s for going #2 as I don’t want to continue to give candy for going potty and eventually do away with that as well.  I’m not a big candy kind of Mom ;)
Tomorrow I will share how Little Sis is doing with her training!!
{Make sure you check out part two of this post here to see how we Potty Train in 3 days!!}



  1. Love the tips!! I have all boys as you know. When my oldest was little, the only “Once Upon a Potty” book I could find was the little girl book. It worked, but I had a tougher time teaching about “the parts.” I love the book though, the kids loved it too!

  2. We loved the Once Upon a Potty book (the boy version) and I agree with potty seat not chair philosophy!


  3. Was your little one staying dry overnight when you did this??

    • Lindsey says:

      If I remember correctly Amanda, she was staying dry overnight. That is another tip that they are probably ready to start with the training. Best of luck to you!!

      • Awesome!! I also read your thing about boys, and that’s whom I am working on. My little girl didn’t get into pottying until 3 and hoping he can do so earlier. He wants to wear some Monster, INC. undies we saw. LOL! Just not sure if he is staying dry overnight because he gets up a lot at night yet for drinks. Thank you for posting about these things! I can’t wait to try it with him and see if he succeeds because he is beyond interested!!

        Another thing to point out, I read how you use the seats versus separate potty chair. The chairs never worked for us. They want to go like us big people and so the Seats have worked the best!

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